Submit a Claim - Claim Instructions

If you are a member of the Settlement Class and wish to receive an award under the Settlement, you must submit a valid Claim Form so that it is postmarked (if mailed) or submitted online no later than February 18, 2023.

How to File Online:

Unique ID required for login/submission. Please see the E-mail Notice sent to you for your Unique ID. If you do not have your Unique ID, please contact the Administrator at 1-877-959-5515. If you lost the E-mail Notice, you may also log in by entering the phone number at which you received telephone calls from Montway LLC.

Click the button below to get started:

How to File by Mail or Email:

Fill out, sign, and date the Claim Form, then mail the Claim Form to the following address:

Kolici v. Montway LLC
TCPA Settlement Administrator
PO Box 4249
Portland, OR 97208-4249

You may also submit a copy of your completed Claim Form to the following email address:

To be effective as a claim under the proposed Settlement, this form must be completed, signed, and postmarked, as outlined above, by no later than February 18, 2023.